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Here are some links to further explore and research The Phantom Menace. 


Official Site Links

Star Wars-Episode I

This is the official site for news from Lucasfilm.

Episode I Documentary

This is also on the official site.  Footage taken during the Episode I production.  Realplayer required.

Fan Site Links


My favorite site for news and rumors.  They also have a great Star Wars discussion page, called the Jedi Council.

Aint It Cool News

This site is not what it used to be.  Harry is still a cool guy though.  Check it out for news about not only Star Wars, but all movies in production as well.


Jedinet has a great spy that reports to them on Episode I.  However, they often go weeks without updating.

Our brother Shawn now has his own website!   To view it, click on his name!

This part of the site is run by me!  To email me, click here.