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Here are some stills from The Phantom Menace!  Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

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Anakin's mother, Shmi Skywalker schmi_bg.jpg (17213 bytes) Anakin and Shmi at dinner  dinner_bg.jpg (20195 bytes)

R2 in the streets of Mos Espa r2_bg.jpg (26024 bytes) New! Tusken Raider! tusken.jpg (34659 bytes)

Ric Olie olie_bg.jpg (13819 bytes) Senator Palpatine palpatine_bg.jpg (12123 bytes) Naboo Hanger hangar_bg.jpg (19562 bytes)

Naboo Pilot in N-1 starfighter pilot_bg.jpg (20734 bytes) Captain Panaka BTM_PANAKA_TFN.JPG (38767 bytes) Captain Panaka and R2 BTM_PANAKAR2_TFN.JPG (55636 bytes)

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These pictures come from the official Star Wars website and


saber_purple_2.jpg (8023 bytes)


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