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Hi!  Welcome to my interests and hobbies.  Outside of my family and my faith, my interests are dominated by three broad areas: Star Wars, IU sports, and politics.

Star Wars has enthralled me for almost my entire life.  My earliest congnitive memory is going to see Star Wars: Episode 4- A New Hope  in the theater in 1977.  In my Star Wars section, you can find information on collecting, as well as information and stills from the new movie, Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace

In addition to being a Star Wars nut, I am an IU hoops and football freak.  Bobby Knight and the Hoosiers have warmed many a winter night for me and my family.  Shallen even gets into the games with me!  I think the Hoosiers have a great shot at the big ten title this year.  In my IU section, you can find links to other sites, as well as season info and schedules.  GO IU!

I love Star Wars and IU hoops, but my true, unadulterated love is for politics.  I haven't quite figured out where the love came from, but I know it's there.  I cannot get enough of C-SPAN, CNN and the Chris Matthews program.  In my political section, you can find links, info, and editorials by me.  In the future I have plans to host a political discussion forum.  Check back!


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